Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?

Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?

Beyond the Merit Scholarship…. What Else exists?

While the merit scholarship program, awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, is the biggest merit-based scholarship program offered at USC and does not require any split application, you can find some merit-based scholarships put on by various groups on campus offering scholarships to hundreds of students every year. Some groups that award scholarships that are such the Latino Alumni Association, the Black Alumni Association, Town and Gown (for Southern California residents), the Lambda LGBT Alumni Association, etc. These merit scholarships do indeed require an application that is separate addition to the job for admission, so when the deadlines are quickly approaching, you may possibly want to consider applying to any that pertain to you. For the complete directory of merit scholarships and deadlines, please visit USC Scholarships and download the PDF in the bottom associated with the web page.

One that we wish to emphasize could be the Norman Topping scholar Aid Fund (NTSAF). The point of this scholarship is to offer low-income students who have demonstrated a exemplary level of community service the opportunity to greatly help fund their greater education at USC. But the scholarship spans beyond the financial reward: NTSAF works to produce a support system for its scholars through access to academic success seminars, monthly faculty lunches, general advising, and also a study break program complete with snacks and masseuses!

The amount of the prize is significantly diffent for every single Topping Scholar in line with the USC Financial Aid Package she or he receives, and is supposed to be used in combination with any state, federal, and/or USC aid. You will need to note that first-generation college students (meaning neither parent graduated from college) aswell as local area applicants get consideration that is primary. However, this scholarship just isn’t limited by these aforementioned groups.

Eric Watkins, a junior from Republic, Missouri majoring that is double Political Science and Public Relations, is a present receiver associated with the Topping Scholarship. In senior school, Eric was a residential district organizer for Obama for America, where he canvassed the roads of his hometown registering voters and garnering support for our now second-term president. Eric also founded A livestrong group at his high college, where he assisted organize fundraising events that earned money for cancer research.

When asked about how the Topping Scholarship has changed his life, Eric says: ‘For me, Norman Topping just isn’t a scholarship, however a household; a support system comprised of fellow students, faculty and mentors. The built-in network that the Topping Foundation provides certainly helps guide the often daunting transition from high school student to college scholar as a first-generation college student, I’ve learned to utilize that support system.’ Aside from the monetary award. Eric says being a member of the ‘Topping Family’ has resulted in other possibilities at USC: he’s become a mentor and leader with other low-income, first-generation students within the community.

Eric has some advice that is sound future USC and Topping applicants: ‘find ways to harness the relationships you have actually with teachers and counselors. Great teachers and counselors will allow you to reach finally your goals.’ Eric also notes that it’s important to find solution opportunities you might be passionate about, in spite of how big or small those passions might seem.

For more detailed information about the Norman Topping scholar Aid Fund, including information on the application process, please visit NTSAF.

Between the Trojan Family and the Topping household, students have use of endless help systems at USC. Fight up On!

Holiday Season in Review: A Photo Journey

2013 is already well under way into the Office of Admission even as we carry on to read applications. Like our students, our staff enjoyed a nice break from getting into the workplace to celebrate the holidays with relatives and buddies. In purchase to give you an improved concept of exactly how our staff spends time off, We’ve collected a pictures that are few emphasize the many activities (and climates!) we experienced through the recent getaway season.

Jessica Howard displayed her Trojan nature as she skied in Colorado, while Becky Chassin enjoyed a vacation to Cabo, Mexico.


One of our brand new blog contributors, Jomar Gomez, dropped down to one leg to propose to their girlfriend. (She stated yes!)


While Yamilet Medina Lopez posed near a snowman in Mammoth, Kenley Turville sledded with her family members and dog in Utah!


Samantha Schreiber experienced the wonders of Italy, which included visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and pizza that is making!


Sean Ohira, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, shared an amazing view from their journey home within the vacations.


Like many of our staff, Anne Aubert-Santelli enjoyed the snow during a household journey to upstate nyc.


Finally, our esteemed Director, Kirk Brennan, shared this photo from their travels to nj.


We hope it was relaxing and you were able to spend quality time with loved ones wherever you spent time over the holidays!

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